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Is Spending Time on Facebook Bad for Us?

Is Spending Time on Facebook Bad for Us?

Is Spending Time on Facebook Bad for Us?

This is the question we have explored after reading the article…

Facebook just admitted that using Facebook can be bad for you

Facebook’s director of research David Ginsberg and research scientist Moira Burke published a post in which they addressed questions about the impact Facebook has on our moods, and revealed some compelling information.
University of Michigan students randomly assigned to read Facebook for 10 minutes were in a worse mood at the end of the day than students assigned to post or talk to friends on Facebook,” the blog post said.A study from UC San Diego and Yale found that people who clicked on about four times as many links as the average person, or who liked twice as many posts, reported worse mental health than average in a survey.”
Facebook’s blog post follows criticisms from former Facebook exec Chamath Palihapitiya, who said recently that social networks such as Facebook are “starting to erode the social fabric of how society works” and that they’re “ripping apart” society.  Palihapitiya has since walked back those remarks.
How American Adults Use Facebook - infographic
With people spending more time on social media, many rightly wonder whether that time is good for us. Do people connect in meaningful ways online? Or are they simply consuming trivial updates and polarizing memes at the expense of time with loved ones?
According to the research, it really comes down to how you use the technology.  Psychologist Sherry Turkle asserts that mobile phones redefine modern relationships, making us “alone together.”
Facebook comes with its psychological costs—many of them invisible.  Another recent study found that heavy Facebook users experience decreases in subjective well-being over time.  Research suggesting several ways that Facebook may be hurting rather than helping you.
  1. It can make you feel like your life isn’t as cool as everyone else’s.
  2. It can lead to a sense of false consensus.
  3. It can lead you to envy your friends’ successes.
  4. It can make you jealous of your current partner.
  5. It can reveal information you might not want to share with potential employers.
  6. It can keep you in touch with people you’d really rather forget.
  7. It can become addictive.
The bad: On one hand, when people spend a lot of time passively consuming information — reading but not interacting with people — they report feeling worse afterward and their social skills suffer as well as their relationships.
On the positive side of Facebook experiences, research found these benefits.
  1. Facebook can prove an invaluable way of keeping in touch with people you otherwise wouldn’t see.
  2. Facebook may decrease loneliness when used to keep up to date on news and community events.
  3. Facebook and social media in general can help you in your job search.
  4. Facebook can be used as a tool to communicate with others on specific interests or projects.
  5. Facebook is one of the easiest ways of sharing information and announcements out.
  6. Facebook enables you to journalize your life with thoughts, images and personal stories.
The good: On the other hand, actively interacting with people — especially sharing messages, posts and comments with close friends and reminiscing about past interactions — is linked to improvements in well-being. This ability to connect with relatives, classmates, and colleagues is what drew many to Facebook in the first place
This chart shows the popularity increase in usage over time of America’s #1 favorite pastime.
  Facebook Stats & Tips |
So the answer, to the problem of too much Facebook is MORE engagement with Facebook right or wrong?

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Related image hehe

California Fires and Space-Based Weather Weapons    ~hehe don't worry folks,  IT'S all just some "C"  nut shit "only" God can control the weather ... y don't u "un~believers" just READ a fucking patent 4 ONCE  & geet yer fucking heads out~ta yer ...Image result for head up your arse meme

Re-posted from BLDGBLOG,  “Space-Based Storm Control”
by Author, Geoff Manaugh – April 17, 2009 – edited by Hsaive, 2017
The BLDGBLOG Book by Geoff Manaugh (Amazon)
It was reported on April 16, 2009 that a California solar energy firm – Solaren – hopes soon to construct “orbiting solar farms” that will harvest electricity in space.Each “farm” would be “a set of solar panels in outer space that would beam enough clean energy back to Earth to power half a million homes and could one day potentially help save the planet,” according to the Guardian, Solaren’s specific plans are to put “an array of solar panels around 22,000 miles above the earth’s equator using existing rocket technology, and then convert the power generated into radio-frequency transmissions. The radio waves would be beamed back down to antennae in Fresno, California and then converted into electricity and fed into the regular power grid.”
The images you see here, however, are from a patent application Solaren filed back in February 2006, with quite a different purpose in mind.
For example, the system of claim 36, further comprising an energy absorbing element that is inserted into the weather element, absorbs RF energy generated by the space-based power system, and converts absorbed energy to thermal energy that is transferred to the weather element to alter and weaken the weather element.Energy absorbing elements can be aluminum oxide, plastic or other suitable RF absorbing materials. The absorbing elements can be coated to facilitate thermal energy transfer. One suitable coating is an iron oxide coating. These elements are constructed such that their surface area to mass ratio is large in order to minimize their sink rate, thereby allowing them to “float” with an air mass. The energy absorbing elements are preferably substantially buoyant with the weather element.
Deborah Tavares was interviewed by Jeff Rense in 2015 where she exposed the planned destruction of California in order to usher in Agenda 21. Although Tavaras alleges the satellite RF weather control system has been online for over a decade this system is not capable of producing a “laser” Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) as described by so many in the 2017 fires.  If a laser DEW was used, it’s most likely a sole asset of the Department of Defense.
The role of the Solaren patent as high-tech arson would be to engineer a perpetual dome of high pressure off the California coast to block moisture from moving inland.  This would setup conditions of persistent drought for maximum fire destruction and allow a laser weapon or arson by other means to succeed in creating many flash fires to destroy hundreds of homes and buildings.
Of  major interest is how the Solaren patent can explain the Tropical Cyclone disasters of the 2017 Hurricane season.
A patent that claims to mitigate intensity of hurricanes can also be used to create biblical floods in Houston as “Irma.”  And steering 2 hurricanes to destroy the infrastructure of Puerto Rico could also be considered as more than a coincidence.

APLAINTruth 12/10/17 exposes the local Agenda-21 cult who benefit in these fire disasters.

VIDEO: Militatry experts explain how High Powered Microwave (HPM) work.  Notice the unease of body language when General Meyers reaches for his neck at the mention of “High Powered Microwaves” – a likely signal to the press to stop asking questions.

[Image: From a February 2006 patent application by Solaren, proposing that terrestrial weather systems might be controlled by mirrors in space].

[Images: From Solaren‘s February 2006 patent application].
Using a complicated geometry of spaceborne mirrors – seen in the diagrams below – in tandem with meteorological tracking technology, this device would give Solaren the ability to control the weather.
Or, as the patent application itself explains, it would be a “Space-based power system and method of altering weather using space-born energy”:

Power system elements are launched into orbit, and the free-floating power system elements are maintained in proper relative alignment, e.g., position, orientation, and shape, using a control system. Energy from the space-based power system is applied to a weather element, such as a hurricane, and alters the weather element to weaken or dissipate the weather element. The weather element can be altered by changing a temperature of a section of a weather element, such as the eye of a hurricane, changing airflows, or changing a path of the weather element.
Weather control has become a topic of near-constant interest for me. As I suggested the other night in my talk at the SVA – and as I also explore in The BLDGBLOG Book – weather control could very well be the future of urban design; in other words, cities might very realistically attempt to engineer specialty microclimates – similar to Beijing‘s Olympic efforts at weather control last summer – as a new means of attracting new residents and future development.
What’s fascinating about Solaren’s proposal is that it seems entirely possibly that, for instance, Dubai, attempting to recapture the international imagination, might put into orbit a private, geostationary solar farm with which that city could not only power its delirious experiments in beach refrigeration and large-scale air-conditioning, but actually create a new climate for the city.

[Image: A geometry of mirrors in space, from Solaren‘s February 2006 patent application].
That, of course, or it’s just Real Genius all over again: after all, why use this technology only for stopping hurricanes when you could melt an opposing army’s tanks or even assassinate someone through a brief application of solar overload? We’ll just militarize Apollo, bringing astronomical power down upon our enemies, causing storms of fire in distant cities, evaporating reservoirs, and turning glaciers into roaring torrents of weaponized floodwaters.

[Image: From Solaren‘s February 2006 patent application].
In an endlessly fascinating article published two years ago in The Wilson Quarterly, historian James R. Fleming describes – among many other things – how a “weather race with the Russians” was fought on the level of climatological R&D between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. during the Cold War.
For instance, “In the 1940s,” Fleming writes, “General George C. Kenney, commander of the Strategic Air Command, declared, ‘The nation which first learns to plot the paths of air masses accurately and learns to control the time and place of precipitation will dominate the globe.’”
Indeed, the U.S. military ultimately hoped that it might learn how to “alter the global climate for strategic purposes,” something which not only involved “using weather as a weapon of warfare,” but “using controlled precipitation as a delivery system for biological and radiological agents.” You could snow anthrax, say, onto the streets of belligerent cities unaware of the infections drifting down from above.
But perhaps all they need is a strange new constellation of mirrors – a remote-controlled blur of light that moves against the stars it’s surrounded by – to hurl typhoons against China or destroy a whole civilization’s agricultural base from above.
Toward the end of his article, Fleming asks:
Assume, for just a moment, that climate control were technically possible. Who would be given the authority to manage it? Who would have the wisdom to dispense drought, severe winters, or the effects of storms to some so that the rest of the planet could prosper? At what cost, economically, aesthetically, and in our moral relationship to nature, would we manipulate the climate?
Of course, having said all that, I don’t mean to imply that Solaren’s weather control system is some kind of paranoiac Doomsday Device; but anyone who learns to stop – or, more to the point, conjure up – hurricanes from space will nonetheless be sitting on an unimaginably powerful technology.
(Via Alexis Madrigal – who signed a contract for his first book yesterday. Congrats, Alexis!)


First, let's get one thing cleared off the table: fires do happen, and so to high pressure zones, and so does disaster. Not everything is engineered. Not everything is a conspiracy. But I'd be lying  if I said that I don't have some suspicions about all these fires in California, and my suspicions go into the red zone whenever I hear an "envirocrat" like California governor Jerry Brown saying :get used to it" (this article shared by Mr. B):
Yup, that's right, Californians have to "get used" to the possibility that these types of disasters will be "the new normal", and it's all because of "climate change" (of course):
California Governor Jerry Brown has told the state’s residents to get used to destructive wildfires in winter, declaring them “the new normal”.
As six major fires ravage southern California, having led to the death of one person and the destruction of hundreds of homes and other buildings, Mr Brown said the state needed to face up to a new challenge.
Visiting Ventura County, where the largest of the blazes – the Thomas Fire – is still growing, Mr Brown said drought and climate change mean California faces a “new reality” where lives and property are continually threatened by fire, at a cost of billions of dollars.
He said it will take “heroic” efforts in the US and abroad to stem climate change, and urged Congress to pay more attention to dealing with natural disasters such as fires, floods and earthquakes.
Of course, blaming all this on the ever-so-helpful universalization of "climate change" ignores the self-evident nature of the assertion, it's niftily dispatching with other possible explanations: arson, terrorism, and the ever-present possibility of weather manipulation technology, which we'll get back to in a moment.

What makes me suspicious about the whole fire mess are the numerous anomalies encountered in the recent fires in northern California. Many of these anomalies have - to my knowledge - not shown up (yet) in the southern fires: homes burning to the ground, right next to shrubbery or trees that don't burn at all is something I call anomalous; plants and trees bent over in the signatures of powerful microwaves, I call anomalous.

But then there's this, a video shared by Mr. G.F. (an no, that is not an invitation to send me more videos!): the first few minutes of this say it all:
Now, again, high pressure systems can and do park themselves in places and create strange weather patterns. But the problem is, we simply do not know the cause of this. "Climate change" isn't an explanation here or anywhere else; it's merely a wonderfully broad phrase that is so broad it reduces to tautological non-explanation: the climate changes, "weather happens"; its only utility is for seeming like it's an explanation while agendas are being driven through it by the truckload. Are such high pressure systems and their relative stability and motionlessness over time driven by some geophysical cause, and thus, is this a genuinely emergent stable pattern that we need to be concerned about?  Or is the source "out there", is it related to the magnetosphere? are these resonance or "blowback" effects from the use of CERN's collider? Are such effects caused by ionospheric heaters? (and read Eastlund's patents for HAARP sometime, where precisely such weather modification is proposed as one possible use of the technology).
My point in raising such questions and possibilities is to place them in the context of the anomalous things we saw in the northern California fires, and to raise a speculative possibility: it's easy to talk about "climate change" when one controls the technology to do it.  And it's much easier to drive down real estate prices, and to drive people from their homes, and pick up assets on the cheap after a disaster such as this, when one has the technology to start the fires, and then to exacerbate the results by denying moisture to the situation by parking high pressure zones over the western US.
In other words, it's when the governor says, "get used to it, it's the new normal" and then invokes the non-explanation of climate change, in other words, that my suspicion meter goes into the red zone. It's when these corrupt and cynical politicians ignore the very real case for the existence of weather modification technologies and then tell us to "get used to it" because it's just "climate change" that my blood boils. Why, because they need to be demanding that the federal government come clean on what technologies have been used, and who is using them.                                           

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81st doctor found dead had called out Clinton Foundation for deplorable conditions in Haiti  ~ hehe how many ??? ... be~4 "it's" not ran~dum ... no~more !  Huh ?   how many ,folks

There has been another death of a "holistic" doctor, Dean Lorich, according to this article found by Mr. S.C. This one, however, is such an obvious "in your face" death that it truly has to be read to be believed, and it reminds of of Thomas Hardy's adage, "Though a good deal is too strange to be believed, nothing is too strange to have happened."
Here's the article:
The problem here is the doctor apparently decided, according to the New York City authorities, to commit suicide by "hari kiri":
Police instantly began treating the death as suicide and said the doctor was under “some personal stress,” so that was likely the reason he put a knife through his torso    (not his heart) knowing his 11-year-old daughter would find him on the floor, bleeding out.
Lorich’s wife was out playing tennis when the “suicide” occurred, there was apparently no suicide note found at the scene.
So just to recap, an MD- the father of three girls, associate director of the Orthopaedic Trauma Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery, a professor at Weill Cornell Medical College (where our 79th doctor, Dr Crespo, was found dead just days ago, also in a bathroom)- went into the bathroom when his wife was gone and he was alone with his child, and stuck a knife into his torso. Though nearly nothing about this is plausible, ALMOST IMMEDIATELY cops say no foul play, he was stressed.
There is of course nothing here about why the doctor was "stressed" nor why, being "stressed", he chose such a gruesome way to suicide himself.
As the article reports the story, it raises all sorts of questions, and for the moment, this writer is not buying the "suicide by hari kiri due to stress" explanation. My chief difficulty here is the fact that he would chose such a gory method to do himself in with the possibility he would be discovered by his young daughter. Are we really to believe that this is the last image of him that he wanted his daughter to have? As far as I'm aware, suicides generally prefer to do the deed alone, not around children, and particularly, not around their own.
Sorry, I'm not buying.
There is, however, a strange mix of potential motivations for the doctor being "suicided" in such a gruesome manner:
Again, both Lorich and Crespo worked at the same hospital. Lorich, the winner of the “2010 Roger E. Joseph Prize by Hebrew Union College for his humanitarian efforts in treating victims of the recent Haiti earthquake and in Landstuhl, Germany treating soldiers injured in Iraq and in Afghanistan” 2(the award recognizes individuals making lasting contributions to the causes of human rights), who was beloved and an asset to the medical community and Crespo, who was researching cancer with the use of stem cells, have both just died within days of each other, under suspicious circumstances.
Lorich's work in Haiti raises the possibility that he may have learned something about the origins of the quake, or the "aid" scandals dogging the Clinton Foundation, in which case he might be viewed as the latest Arkancide. Working with soldiers from Iraq or Afghanistan again places him in a potential position to learn something about about those wars that the powers that be don't want known. In either case, these possibilities would account for whatever "stress" he was under. The bottom line? It's that last paragraph that, to me, indicates that there's a cover-up in play, and that we need to know more...
...much more.                                                                                 

81st doctor found dead had called out Clinton Foundation for deplorable conditions in Haiti

(Editor’s note: You can read about all 81 doctors found dead in my unintended series here.)
UPDATE: We broke the news of the tragic death of a great doctor hours after he died.  Dr Lorich, world-renowned surgeon to celebrities like Bono of U2, was found dead Sunday about 1 pm EST. He was found in his bathroom on Park Avenue by his 11-year-old daughter with a knife in his torso. Mainstream media said he missed his heart, but some wonder how a world expert surgeon would do so if he did indeed take his own life.
He leaves behind his wife and three daughters. Our heart goes out to them and their loved ones.
Police almost immediately said they thought it was a suicide saying he was under stress. But then media reports said the stress was that he was being sued by a former ex-Giants player over treatment issues (and more). Even the ex Giant’s attorney said that Lorich’s insurance would have most likely covered the costs, should he have lost. Many experts cannot imagine he’d commit suicide over something like a lawsuit, especially if he personally wouldn’t be paying out anyway.
On Sunday we did touch upon the fact that Dr. Lorich was speaking out about the horrific conditions in Haiti when he went there to volunteer as a top surgeon after hurricane Katrina devastated the country. He did a lot of charity work in addition to his regular work and even had to work on Christmas sometimes to save lives.
The letter he wrote not only ended up on the mainstream news, but was forwarded to Hillary Clinton herself and can be seen on WikiLeaks.
Watch our second video here or read about it below.
Remember too that Dean Lorich was the 81st doctor to be found dead in our series, yet #79, Dr Crespo, was also found dead at Weil Cornell, also in a bathroom on the 8th floor (at age 40!) where Dr Lorich worked.
Shocking, right?
WHAT are the chances?
Dean Lorich and his colleagues at Weil Cornell wrote in their letter that published by CNN and also forwarded to Hillary Clinton herself:
“We expected many amputations. But we thought we could save limbs that were salvageable, particularly those of children. We recognized that in an underdeveloped country, a limb amputation may be a death sentence. It does not have to be so.
We thought our plan was a good one, but we soon learned we were incredibly naive. Disaster management in Haiti was nonexistent.
The difficulties in getting in — despite the intelligence we had from people on the ground and Dr. Helfet’s connections with Partners in Health and Bill and Hillary Clinton — only hinted at the difficulties we would have once we arrived.”1
But it didn’t end there. He also went on Charlie Rose in 2010 to discuss the fact that after decades of intense international involvement, including all the NGO’s that were there- some backed by big- deal Democrats like the Clintons and George Soros, Haiti still had virtually no functioning government.

He said,
“That was the biggest problem we saw, though, was that there was nobody in charge. It was a sovereign country, and their government really never stepped up, at least in the period of time that we were there. All the NGOs had been there for decades and provided fish, but they’d never taught the Haitians how to fish.”2
During his interview, Lorich repeatedly brought up the total lack of leadership in the country which must have been especially embarrassing to the Clintons. (Bill Clinton was later put in charge of coordinating over $10 billion in relief funds, which resulted in a number of projects that delivered much less than promised, if the money can be traced to any relief at all.3)
It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Dr Dean Lorich was found dead this afternoon, Sunday, December 10th in his Park Avenue, Upper East Side home. He was 54 years old.

Lorich’s wife was out playing tennis when the “suicide” occurred, there was apparently no suicide note found at the scene.
So just to recap, an MD- the father of three girls, associate director of the Orthopaedic Trauma Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery, a professor at Weill Cornell Medical College (where our 79th doctor, Dr Crespo, was found dead just days ago, also in a bathroom)- went into the bathroom when his wife was gone and he was alone with his child, and stuck a knife into his torso. Though nearly nothing about this is plausible, ALMOST IMMEDIATELY cops say no foul play, he was stressed.
After his daughter found him she alerted the building’s doorman, who called 911. Police said the call was regarding an assault, as naturally, sources say the doorman (maybe smarter than the cops?) thought he must have been attacked, not put a knife in his own torso. When the cops found the 54-year-old doctor’s body in the bathroom around 1 p.m., the knife was not in his heart, but close they say.
While this only happened this afternoon, it’s already been in the news for 5 hours. How they could even have examined the body yet in Manhattan boggles my mind.
One of Lorich’s purported colleagues, who declined to give her name, came by and spoke to the doorman before falling to a knee in prayer, “This is horrible, this is horrible. I don’t believe this.” 4(We have trouble believing it too).
Our hearts go out to his family and friends. Both Lorich and Dr Crespo were found dead within days of each other in Manhattan, both of Weil Cornell, we won’t stop reporting on all these deaths until we get answers that make actual sense.
Again, both Lorich and Crespo worked at the same hospital. Lorich, the winner of the “2010 Roger E. Joseph Prize by Hebrew Union College for his humanitarian efforts in treating victims of the recent Haiti earthquake and in Landstuhl, Germany treating soldiers injured in Iraq and in Afghanistan” 5(the award recognizes individuals making lasting contributions to the causes of human rights), who was beloved and an asset to the medical community and Crespo, who was researching cancer with the use of stem cells, have both just died within days of each other, under suspicious circumstances.
Sources:  Dean Lorich’s letter on the front of CNN,
Lorich’s letter forwarded to Hillary Clinton right on Wikileaks

Sources and References

  1. CNN, January 25, 2010.
  2. The Epoch TImes, December 12, 2017.
  3. The Epoch Times, December 12, 2017.
  4. NY Daily News, December 11, 2017.
  5. News Medical Life Sciences, May 29, 2010.

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FBI’s Telecommunications Intercept and Collection Technology Unit                                  ~ hehe don't "worry" folks "they" ONLY use "IT"  on ...terror~ist  ... that's  u  &  me  folks ?

FBI’s Telecommunications Intercept and Collection Technology Unit

The Telecommunications Intercept and Collection Technology Unit is part of the Electronic Surveillance Technology Section of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Its primary function is performing surveillance of U.S. citizens.

TICTU is part of the Electronic Surveillance Technology Section (ESTS) of the FBI. Its primary function is performing surveillance of U.S. citizens. TICTU is in charge of operating and maintaining DCSNet, and performs millions of domestic wiretaps each year.

As the number two leader in counterintelligence, Peter Strzok would have had access to TICTU and TICTU surveillance material. TICTU, under last two regimes, has been funded and ramped up. It captures every communication, telephonic and digital, foreign and domestic. What were these rogues doing with this material? Who were they provisioning while unmasking? And, who’s emails and texts were they burying? You know, as we all do, the 33k lost were captured.
The Digital Collection System Network (DCSNet) is the FBI’s point-and-click surveillance system that can perform instant wiretaps on almost any telecommunications device in the US.
It allows access to cellphone, landline, SMS communications anywhere in the US from a point-and-click interface. It runs on a fiber-optic backbone separate from the internet. It is intended to increase agent productivity through workflow modeling allowing for the routing of intercepts for translation or analysis with only a few clicks. DCSNET real-time intelligence data intercept has the capability to record, review and playback intercepted material in real-time.
The DCSNET systems operates on a virtual private network parallel to the public internet, with services provided at least for some time by the Sprint peerless IP network.

The Peter Strzok and Lisa Page text which is the focus of Congressional investigators and other government officials. Because it shows conspiratorial actions or some level of coordination.


You'll recall that yesterday I blogged about a story in which the U.S. Department of Defense was unable to account for about 44,000 people, or the operational equivalent to about 2-3 divisions, or a corps. And you'll recall that the reasons for the "lost personnel" were astonishingly similar to the reasons we've all heard over the years for all the "missing money," which (so the story goes) boil down to essentially two things: (1) there is no unified or single system of record keeping and hence (2) money(or people) fall through the cracks. To a certain extent, this is understandable and even justifiable: one doesn't want one's potential enemies to know exactly how big (or small) one's military is, nor the financial and/or production resources backing it up. Factories producing tanks above ground can be counted and their production estimated. Installations below ground are harder to detect and their purpose and production can largely only be guessed at.
To put all this "country simple": the very admissions we've seen about missing money and  "unaccounted for personnel" suggest quite strongly the appearance of a "breakaway civilization", a hypothesis advanced by well-known UFO/national security researcher Richard Dolan, who first advanced this idea in his multi-volume UFOs and the National Security State.  His basic thesis is germane to my high octane speculation today, for he advanced the idea that, over time, with enough money and secret research, by "unaccounted for" personnel using hidden financing, this group in effect would pull away from the overt civilization of the "surface world" by having access to technologies and capabilities far in advance of it.
Which brings us to this story on the U.S. Department of Defense's website shared by Mr. G.L.R.:
Again, one can view this call for budget certainty as a national security issue as well. Certainly while on the one had one doesn't wish to telegraph to potential enemies the actual strength and disposition of one's military nor the financial and production resources at its disposal, on the other hand being totally confused about it doesn't help either, for it renders accurate operational planning difficult if not impossible. Something like this concern appears to lurk behind the article's initial comments:
The audit is massive. It will examine every aspect of the department from personnel to real property to weapons to supplies to bases. Some 2,400 auditors will fan out across the department to conduct it, Pentagon officials said.
"It is important that the Congress and the American people have confidence in DoD's management of every taxpayer dollar," Norquist said.
Audits are necessary to ensure the accuracy of financial information. They also account for property. Officials estimate the department has around $2.4 trillion in assets. "With consistent feedback from auditors, we can focus on improving the processes of our day-to-day work," the comptroller said. "Annual audits also ensure visibility over the quantity and quality of the equipment and supplies our troops use."
The DoD Office of the Inspector General hired independent public accounting firms to conduct audits of individual components – the Army, Navy, Air Force, agencies, activities and more – as well as a departmentwide consolidated audit to summarize all results and conclusions.
"Beginning in 2018, our audits will occur annually, with reports issued Nov. 15," Norquist said.
But there's a problem here, and with the problem, comes today's "high octane speculation." Note the hiring of "public accounting firms to conduct audits" of the individual services and various related agencies. This, it will be recalled, was precisely the problem encountered by Congresswoman McKinney years ago: there was no clear picture of which corporations were running the department's databases in the first place. Nor, we can imagine, will these firms be given complete access to black budget matters, and beyond that, they certainly will not even consider the likelihood of what I have been calling "the hidden system of finance."
So why the hullabaloo to get a "complete audit"? One obvious reasons is that it is "swamp politics as usual," namely, pretend to be doing something in order to shut the people and Congress up about the utter farce of the federal budgetary process, and how far afield it is from Constitutional budgetary procedure.
But there's another possibility, and with it, comes my "high octane speculation." One might hire such firms to get a general picture of where money was being siphoned out of the defense budget and, quite literally, disappearing into a black hole if one suspected that there was a real problem, that that "breakaway group" had metastasized to enormous proportions, and was literally feeding off the host. One might do it, in other words, if one had come to the conclusion that it was now so completely "broken away" that it had become a national security threat of its own, the threat consisting of its enormous appetite for money. Or as I suggested yesterday, missing trillions and missing personnel are two symptoms of the same "breakaway civilization" coin. If this reading of the situation be the case, then this implies something else, namely, that among all the other signs of deep state factional infighting we've seen going on lately, that one can add to it this as well. And that means that this process will have to be scrutinized very closely.